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Common Errors

Here is a list of common error messages that you might encounter while writing your own bots and when running Winbots.

1. If the JVM reports that BotRunner is not found when running bots, it means that the classpath variable has not been set. Please set the classpath to the winbots.jar file as mentioned in the "Setting the Classpath" section above.
2. Again, if your bot won't compile and says BaseBot is not found, your classpath has not been properly set. Look at the "Setting the Classpath" section above.

3.BUG: Sometimes, when you run winbots, the program exits with the following message.
INIT FAILED: Connection refused.... 
Try running it repeatedly twice or thrice. It will start properly.

4. If while running the program, a ClassNotFoundException is raised, that means you have not declared your class or the start() method as public. Both of them must be public.

5. If the error message Class not found occurs, then that means your bot's class can't be found. Make sure you enter the correct name of the CLASS file of the bot and not the bot name you give in the init() function (though both of them can be same).